Welcome to the trattoria salotto 3/4

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Welcome to the trattoria salotto 3/4

Actually in the center of Odessy on Hrecheskoy Square, the two pass Derybasovskoy as possible to spend with udovolstvyem Time in New trattoryy Salotto 3/4. Here in drovyanoy furnace is preparing nastoyaschaya neapolytanskaya pizza and Traditional ytalyanskye in blyuda.Salotto shifted with ytalyanskoho "hostynaya" -эto ymenno that place, where Vы spend prekrasnoe Time in family circle Or Friends pod sound of vinyl.

Why choose us ?

Wood burning stove

The most delicious Neapolitan pizza in town


Here you can find a wide selection of books for all tastes

Cozy atmosphere

In our trattoria , you can just relax and have fun

Vinyl Player

Vinyl is always in fashion , but in our collection of music to suit all tastes

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Attention the action!

While our trattoria is in beta, we want to offer you a 20% discount on all our menus. We invite you to enjoy Italian cuisine at Salotto 3/4.

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